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What is your management style?

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I believe in giving my employees free rein to do their jobs, until they mess up. If they need additional training, I provide it to them, or get someone who knows the job better than I do to train them.

How much superviisor experience do you have?

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The question that sealed the deal for me in my opinion is the one about my technical approach to gathering pertinent information in connection with providing an IT solution. My answer spoke to my strength that I of course talk to the customer to gather specific facts and information but, since I was applying for a leadership role, my method was to insure my direct reports understood the process and how important it was to be specific and detailed. My strengths were in that leadership role and that I was not applying to be the next best technician but to effectively lead the team in this process and others focusing on TEAM meaning Together Everyone Achieves More!

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They wanted to know if I would be a type of a candidate that would be willing to work with Monterey County Office of Education IT department, basically becoming their subordinate.

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at a level of difficulty required for the job

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Describe a problem our outage and how you handled it. Describe the delivery of project that didn't go very well and how did you correct it. Describe a time you had to deal with issues with a direct report.

On site interview was just a casual sit down discussing their organization, sturcture and duties and then I was told "I guess I have to ask you the usual quesitons" which were why do you want to work here, what are your strengths, what are your weaknesses and then what type of management style do you use?

If there were potential failures of the system, who would you rely on for assistance, what would be the processes by which to resolve the problem and where could I go for program level support should I need further support?

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