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They wanted to know if I knew about what the company actually did.

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I didn't know how much great things go on at Goodwill, I thought it was just a thrift store

Tell us 5 different things you can do with this paper clip.

How would you handle a job that abends with a S0C7?

someone calls and is unable to connect to the internet, what would you do to solve this issue?

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You have a Director on the phone with a high priority issue, a report due by your manager, and an email that just came in which needs your attention. What do you do?

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How do you feel your experience could help in the role you're applying for?

What if a user cannot open a specific excel file and then later could not save any work? What If a remote user needs access to a VPN client that is not installed on there system? You're also working remotely and user says I do not have admin rights to install. What would you do? What is the best Antivirus software out there?

Why are you out of work for so long?

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