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If you were asked to unload a 747 full of jelly beans, what would you do?

62 Answers

Need more info. Are the jelly beans in containers? Do they just need to be out of the plane or are they going to be eaten/sold later?

Order the Cargo Crew to offload the cargo.

You would have to know if the airplane was flying in the air, or parked on the tarmac. If it was flying, I would order the belly of the plane to open up and allow the jelly beans to fall on a poor area so the poor people who were hungry could eat a free snack. If the airplane was parked on the tarmac, I would get volunteers to bring wheel barrels to unload the jelly beans and they could take all that they wanted and share them with friends or coworkers or people who wanted to eat them.

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What is a VLAN and why is it used, what are the advantages and challenges. What is STP. Describe a time where you helped a peer who was struggling, what did you do to help and what was the outcome. What are some Linux Directories and their uses. Describe everything you know about the DHCP process. Group Policy fails on a client, how would you troubleshoot this. Describe your most technically challenging issue and how you solved it. What is the difference between a switch and a router. Name some TCP and UDP ports/uses. What is the OSI model and why is it used.

5 Answers

The most unexpected question was how they knew they could trust me to learn the system after my training elsewhere.

5 Answers

How will you balance your family and home life with working a night shift?

4 Answers

Describe a time where you were given multiple tasks to do at the same time, how did you handle these task and why.

3 Answers

What is the difference between a .PST and an .OST file?

3 Answers

Why would you want to join a small company like our given your prior gigs

3 Answers

Why do you want to work for our organization?

3 Answers

What was your most challenging experience in IT? What was your most difficult situation?, etc.

2 Answers

Can you start as soon as possible

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