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If 6 men can do a piece of work in 14 days, how many men are needed to do the work in 21 days?

4 Answers

The correct answer is actually 4. It takes one person 84 days to do a piece of work (6 times 14), so it would take 4 men to do it in 21 days.

Challenge that to Reynolds & Reynolds. This was their answer from the answers sheet.

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The interviewers did not read my entire resume and only concentrated on areas that I did not have any experience with, which was not even part of my resume. One person even mentioned this to me as I inquired if they had looked at my material. They told me the job required someone to know coding, even though the coding aspect is only a small piece of the job. The job itself had other descriptions that the interviewers fail to inquire about and only concentrated on what I lacked. I am more than qualified based on the job description. They also did not find me to have hands-on experience, which again is not true and my resume highlights many key factors showing hands-on approach. (this is what happens when you don't read someone's resume thoroughly). I was told that I was a very nice guy, but that I would not be a good fit due to lack of experience.

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What character is used for comments in a DNS zone file.

1 Answer

1. I was asked to explain what FSMO Roles do within the scope of Active Directory. 2. I was asked to explain the differences between Fibre Channel SAN's and iSCSI SAN's.

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how do you find out the memory on X amount of Linux systems.

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Ohio State or Michigan

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How much experience do you have coding and scripting for monitoring systems integration?

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I was asked a lot of questions regarding my comfort levels with multiple technologies. There were a lot of questions that were intended to feel out how willing I would be to learn new technologies or coding languages.

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They asked for me to talk about the technical depth for several of the items that I had shown on my resume, thankfully I was honest on my resume and was able to provide the right answers and subsequently received approval for the right job.

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Threw phone on table. Asked to name model and operating system. (This should have been the red flag....)

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