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What is your strong points.....and weak points.

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My strong point is working capacity.i can work in any situation & i adjust the office enviorment.MY weak point . i will take some more time to understand the work.

What do you do? What do you know about SolarCity? How do you managed your team?

Tell us about your experience in Active Directory Architecture.

What situation with my last employer caused me to feel inadequate

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Experience with Policy and Planning

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Experience with managing and supervising local and remote personnel

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Experience handling a stressful environment

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1. A CR proposing a switch to using public transit for a commute (either bus or metro) to save time, money and reduce carbon footprint. 2. A CR proposing a switch to using Tide Coldwater for washing clothes to save money and extend the life of the garments. 3. A CR proposing taking shirts to the dry-cleaner vs. doing them at home to improve quality.

Did I bring a copy of my resume?

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