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1)Assume Threaded Environment, what can go wrong in code and how to fix it. -your given a main, interface, and a global final static variable 2)Overriding ArrayList equal operator I believe? -Basically in main you add an object- array.add(new object(3,4)), then attempt to remove - array.remove(new object(3,4)). -You can't edit the main, so you have to override the equals operator in ArrayList in the class method 3)Overriding Hashmap equal operator and hashcode -Similar logic, you cant edit the main so edit the method. 4)Threading questions, basically a this.wait() -Did not get a good look at this question, but review your Operating Systems. Has to do with thread locking i believe (rusty myself here need to look over it) 5)Write out the ArrayList class. -Write out the ArrayList data structure -getsize -addElement -Remove Element -One more which I forgot -This question is actually very easy but a little time consuming, I did not get to it sadly

google hangout S: - organization overview - coding on google doc on-site A: - build a smart elevator (one of the google's interview question); code on whiteboard - how to measure one ft given three ft long, with a nice 'castaway' story L: - questions on features in the tools like yourkit, profiling & java tools H: - explain your project and some questions along the way P: - questions on java web app features that are pretty much taken care by an ide / api doc N: - total count of processes that has these functions: right,left,sendright(msg),sendleft(msg) T: - here you'd get the high level picture what company does and will do; how they do compared to the competition - time for your questions

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Override equals and hashcode for HashMap

Race condition in multithreaded environment in Java

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