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Vice President Interview Questions in Jersey City, NJ


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1. How many people have you managed at your present work? What are the challenges you faced and how did you handle them?

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She was looking for answers in terms of my managing, coaching, and mentoring skills and specific situations that I have handled at current work.

Would have been better if you have posted your response to the question.

2. She asked examples of specific IT projects that I managed (mentioned in the resume) and asked me to go through individual components of the project phases. There were follow up questions to this and we spent about 15 minutes on this.

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3. She asked me about the largest project I managed, scope of work, what were the challenges, lessons learned, what were the lessons learned / feedback from the customers and what would I do differently in this project? For the same question, she asked about the Finances relating to the projects. She was also looking for numbers in terms of servers built, applications deployed, etc. Also, details about cost, time, scope, and savings.

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4. If my boss were to say anything about me, what would he/she say? Would he complement my work or would he provide mediocore reference or bad review about me? 5. Follow up question: What would my customers say about me? 6. What do you know about the organization?

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What do you see as your biggest challenge with this job?

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7. Since this was IT Project Manager position, there were several questions about how you would make decisions, handle situations, manage/coach/mentor team members, perform reviews, and guide the team. 8. This is important. Everybody asks this question in interviews. She asked this in my interview as well. "What is your style of management?" 9. She asked questions about handling requests coming in from multiple customers, and how I would handle them.

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How will you get a diverse group of disagreeing people to provide you with information and cooperation if you hold this position?

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What do you want to leave your current job?

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Previous experience in industry, list some specific accomplishments you are proud of

if i can work under pressure

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