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Promising Futures
Job Coach was asked...February 7, 2020

What would you do in these types of scenarios?

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Job Coach was asked...August 31, 2015

Tell me about yourself. How do you deal with stressful situations? Give scenario. How do you deal with someone who refuses to participate in a activity?

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Horizons Engineering Switchgear Manufacturing Company

What do you like to do in your spare time?

2 Answers

It is very important to the employers that their employees maintain a healthy work-life balance. Less

Usually I fill my free time with work or studying. I like to keep my mind busy, and when I can, I will take my older brother Billy, who is autistic, to the gym or pool at Groton sub base. Less

Loudoun County Public Schools

For one question, I was asked about a time I had to deal with a difficult student. Specifically, how did I handle the situation to resolution.

2 Answers

Having obviously worked with students before, I described a time I worked with a student with learning disabilities and behavioral issues. I described how I developed a rapport with the student, providing them choices on how they could behave and how it may or may not impact their educational opportunities. Less

One time I have had to deal with a difficult client was a time when I was working with this younger adult disabled client and she wouldn’t get very defensive and upset over little things and then she would try to walk away from you. What I would do is try to talk to talk to her and get her mind off things and I would ask her if she’d like to go the sensory room and relax for a little bit. Then when she was ready I would bring her back to what we were doing. Less

Department for Work And Pensions

Asked about 4 competencies- 1- Making effective decisions 2- Leadership and communication 3- Building capabilities 4- Managing a quality service

2 Answers

I used the STAR format and worked well - S - Situation T - Task A - Action R - Result In this order you will have no problem with interview. Less

Hi how long before they gave you a decision

InVision Human Services
Job Coach was asked...January 21, 2016

Why do you want to work here? Do you have your own, reliable vehicle? What is your philosophy about individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities? Are you able to perform the job I have just described (after the description).

2 Answers

I want to work here because I enjoy working with disabled and special needs adults and I think I have what it takes to be a good coach for them and helping them succeed in the workforce. Yes. I believe disabled individuals should be treated with respect just like everyone else. Even though they need more care and assistance then other adults it shouldn’t change the way we view them. Yes I believe I am. Less

After about 20 minutes of talking enthusiastically with me, she invited in my "to-be" supervisor, who was VERY enthusiastic when talking to me about my philosophy and experience...(that didn't last long on the job itself, though). Less

Center for Social Change

Why are you apply for this position.

2 Answers

To assist a peron in need. It makes my day better when I feel that I helped another person that was unavailable to help themselves. Less

I’m applying for this position because I feel like I would be a good fit working with the disabled communities and assisting them in the workforce. I’ve always enjoyed working with them and I love being being able to help them achieve their goals. Less

What skills are important to teach for students with disabilities.

2 Answers

I answered that I believe teaching skills that build independence are the most importance. It depends on the level of the student. It can be as simple as learning how to make a sandwich to filling out resumes to teaching soft job skills. Less

They need to learn basic skills such as packing their bags, writing, reading, basic math, putting things away, learning to be polite Less

Promising Futures

If you have ever worked w special community

2 Answers

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Promising futures lnc cajon El noah fulmor salah. 9192020 job Work 7-Eleven $1175. $10.73. Less

Challenger, Gray & Christmas

Why would you be a good fit for Challenger Gray?

2 Answers

You most likely won't be3 a good fit. You'll just Really, really need a job. OUCH!!!!!!!! Less

I think I would be a good fit as a job coach here because I have a passion for working with special needs individuals and I have some previous experience working with them also. I get along very well with other and am a very patient and caring person. Less

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