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Junior Copywriter was asked...March 27, 2015

Please take us through your portfolio

2 Answers

took them through the portfolio

Do you have to know French?

Blue Bear Creative

Tell us a joke, we will ask you in the middle of your interview.

1 Answers

What's Mr. Frogs favorite social media platform? Reddit-Reddit-Reddit


If I’m familiar with HTML code

1 Answers


FCB Global

What type of advertising do you like?

1 Answers

I told them the type of advertising I like.


They kept asking about how "creative" I was. In fact, you'll be asked to finish a 4-question writing test and they couldn't decide there and then if you have the minimum creativity required.

1 Answers

A verbal answer wouldn't be enough to showcase creativity. It's demonstrated through actions and output. Less


Name some campaigns that you really liked recently.

1 Answers

General knowledge of famous brand campaigns.


Where do you see yourself in ten years?

1 Answers

Why Paxful?

Preston Spire

"Tell me about yourself."

1 Answers

I provided a brief overview of my career, and life choices that got me to where I am today. Less


Do you have any questions for us?

1 Answers

What is the work dynamic and creative process like within your particular team?


Write a social media post based on information provided

1 Answers

Got given really useful feedback and the HR employee was very polite and prompt at answering questions. Less

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