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MAP Systems
Junior 3D Artist was asked...January 5, 2021

Which tools are you using for modeling

1 Answers

I use 3dmax, maya, substance painter, etc


Why do you want to work in this country?

1 Answers

I live here.

Why did you chose Hello Games?

1 Answers

Simple as that, they create awesome game and their work is amazing


Why are you applying for a Junior position?

1 Answers

Thought this was a bit rich to be asked this question. After leaving university most people applied for junior positions but hay ho... Less

What else you do tutorials or something?

1 Answers

Zbrush blender etc

Blue Zoo

If there were any BlueZoo projects I took an interest in.

1 Answers

Do your research and have a couple animation projects of BlueZoo's that you can talk about off the cuff Less

What kind of tools u know in maya?

1 Answers

Extrude, combine, separate, detach, merge etc

R.R. Donnelley

Can u relocate if u get job

1 Answers

Yes i would


Phone interview: Basic screening, asked to describe the works in the portfolio, what tools we used and what we can do. Test: A week-long test was issued to test the competency of the described skill over the phone and our time management. The test tested on skills with close correlation with the Jedi Masters Program course. Face-to-face interview: What can you do? How did you do this? Any difficulties you faced? Nothing too difficult, interviewer made it clear that open communication and initiative is very much valued and appreciated in the company. Interv

1 Answers

Answered honestly without a big showy presentation. They seemed to respond well with pro-activeness, a willingness to improve and contribute, and as long as one seems earnest and able to work with others well. Also highlighted my leadership responsibilities and roles undertaken during school, honestly shared about the difficulties I faced when working with others. Went through my reel and talked about which one was the most fun for me. Enjoyable conversation but was a little silent on their end at times. Less


There weren't really any unexpected questions. We talked about art, workflow and the project.

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