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Apex Group Consulting
Junior Account Manager was asked...February 21, 2016

-role models -what superpower I would like -Am I motivated -Do I like making money -Am I a team player -Will I do anything to get the job done

3 Answers

I told him that these questions were absurd and that no legitimate employer would ask these questions. Less

And this gentleman probably still doesn't have a job or is working for a restaurant ! Skepticism saves the day ! Some how those bills are getting paid at a legitimate office right ? Less

are you talking about me? I actually got hired as a financial analyst at a very large company, so thank you. Less

Snap Retail

Situational based questioned as stated in the previous interview review.

2 Answers

After a few minutes speaking with the 2 interviewer- It seemed to me that they were asking situational based questions that they were currently struggling with at Snap. As if to nonchalantly ask, this is happening- we don't know how to fix it- lets see if we can just find a new solution by interviewing people and picking their brains. It did not seem as if it were more of an interview, but more of having ulterior motives to the question. Less

They're tremendously struggling. The former CEO was a questionable individual who didn't pay attention to the books and spent like crazy, crashing the company and forcing them to lay off 30% of the company. I'm actually shocked they're still around. Less

DDI Consulting

How do you describe your work ethic?

2 Answers


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


Wie bewegen Sie einen Kunden dazu zu uns zu wechseln, wenn er bereits bei der Konkurrenz ist?

2 Answers

Da Produkte vergleichbar sind, kann nur der Service den Unterschied machen.

Doppelanbindung über Kabel/DSL

Iron City Acquisitions

Where do you see yourself in x many years?

1 Answers

Pretty straightforward, be honest. Either you vibe or you don't.

Kea Marketing

Are you able to work 4 days a week?

1 Answers


Iron City Acquisitions

Long term goals, What can I bring personally to the company in terms of experience and personality Some times when my experience in dealing with public was useful in/or taught me something about myself. How can Iron City help me achieve my personally and professional goals

1 Answers


Redwood BBDO

What did you learn from your experience working for Disney?

1 Answers

I learnt excellent customer service, the need to go above and beyond for all you work with and work for and great confidence and happiness in myself. Less

Blackmilk Media

Where do you see your career in 5 years?

1 Answers

I'm very interested in roles that require relationship management and customer satisfaction. I'd like to head towards a Senior position where I would handle relationships with big partners and major clients. Less

Apollo Solutions

Why do I want to work here?

1 Answers

I have a history in sales

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