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-role models -what superpower I would like -Am I motivated -Do I like making money -Am I a team player -Will I do anything to get the job done

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I told him that these questions were absurd and that no legitimate employer would ask these questions.

And this gentleman probably still doesn't have a job or is working for a restaurant ! Skepticism saves the day ! Some how those bills are getting paid at a legitimate office right ?

are you talking about me? I actually got hired as a financial analyst at a very large company, so thank you.

Situational based questioned as stated in the previous interview review.

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How do you describe your work ethic?

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What books have you read recently?

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Where do you see yourself in x many years?

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Long term goals, What can I bring personally to the company in terms of experience and personality Some times when my experience in dealing with public was useful in/or taught me something about myself. How can Iron City help me achieve my personally and professional goals

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What type of person are you?

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Is digital marketing all you'er interested in?

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What is one fun fact about you?

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Who are the creators of Rent the Runway? How important is customer service? What methods would you use to alleviate a difficult customer? How many locations does Rent the Runway have? Where are they located?

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