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Junior Account Manager Interview Questions


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If we asked the person who disliked you the most in the world, what would they have to say about you??

1 Answer

I liked their spin on getting at my biggest weakness...It caught me off guard and I wish I could give a better answer.

Q: What was a time you had a difficult conversation with a client

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Q: What was a mistake you had made at work, and how did you go about resolving it

1 Answer

How have you dealt with a co-worker in the past whom you had difficulty with.

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What is your greatest strength and what is your kryptonite?

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This was the strangest interview I have ever had. After the great first interview they asked me to come back 2 days later, and I rode around with a person who is doing the door to door sales now...All in all this was a 12 hr 2nd interview!

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They make the job sound like a good position with career growth & lay out a path... saying you’ll become an account manager quickly blah blah blah

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What are the three values you are looking for in a company? What makes you think you can do this job better than our hundreds of other applicants? There is a lot of rejection in the entry level position, how well could you handle that?

"If there was one thing you could change about your job now what would you change?"

Q: What would a coworker say is your best quality?

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