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Junior accountant Interview Questions

"During an interview for junior accountants, employers are most interested in your Excel accounting skills as they are crucial towards preparing reports and maintaining accounts. Beforehand, prepare yourself by thinking about prior experiences that highlight your leadership, problem-solving, as well as one about how you met a tough deadline. In addition, customer service skills are valued, so you may be asked about how you would deal with a hard client."

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Describe a time when you were pulled in many directions.

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Always Asking for the priority, if not sure go ask your boss directly, no time to guess, no time to waste

How would you go about solving a complex problem that you didn't know how to do?

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With the HR Staff: Tell me about when you worked on a difficult situation. How would you describe your excel skills? During the in-person interview: What was the most difficult project that you took in? Tell me about a time when you persuaded someone. Write step-by-step the journal entries in an inventory cycle.

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What's the first three factor that's most important that the company has for you to work with

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Do you have accounting experience ?

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Where do you see yourself in 15 years?

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How would I handle a frustrated customer?

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Tell me about yourself

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How do I feel about giving back to the community?

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How many years I have working in Accounting?

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