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What was you're greatest work accomplishment?

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Truthful story about nearly striking it rich. Poor choice in retrospect... Should have stated something ethical and inspirational.

What is the misconception of others toward you?

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How flexible are you in regards to traveling for weeks at time?

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They wanted to know if I was looking for a place to work at for several years (because that's what they said they were looking for), and they asked me if I was looking to set down roots.

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How many gas stations are there in the U.S.?

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Basic questions about what you are seeking for in a job, and past experiences.

Besides the generic behavioral questions, there are two things to know for sure before interviewing. 1. Profit and loss calculation. Assuming there is a portfolio that consists of various securities, calculate what the profit or loss is after each period. I failed at answering this questions in my first round interview with the CEO, and I looked up how to work on those questions, which was a good choice on my side because I was asked a very similar question on my final round interview, which I nailed it. 2. Make sure to know about private equity and hedge fund industries. Although this is a consulting role, you may be asked some in-depth questions about those industries since those are IVP's clients.

Being able to tell them about the software which I would be working on. This required prior knowledge of the system.

Why are you qualified?

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