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If a jar has X red balls and Y blue balls, what is the minimum number of draws that is necessary to ensure that you have one ball of each color?

3 Answers

max(X, Y)+1

min(X,Y) + 1 is correct, not max()

It is max, the first reply was correct. I you have 5 blue balls and 2 red balls : - If it was min : you take 3 balls, it is still possible to have picked 3 blue balls. - with max : you take 6 balls, the worst case is that you have picked 5 blue and 1 red balls.

A frog falls down a well of 50ft. Each day he climbs up 3 and each night falls down 2. How many days does it take him to get out?

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If the coefficient of an independent variable in linear regression has an opposite sign than it should be, what might be the reason

1 Answer

How many windows are there in NYC? They didn't expect a number but more about the thought process.

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If you have a bag of jelly beans with a large number of two different colors, whats the minimum you need to pick out to guarantee that you have at least 2 of the same color? Then the question in the general case.

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Taje a jar with stones of three colors, how many draws do you need to get two stones of the same color? Generalise to n colors, k stones.

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There are 3 shooters A,B and C.They can hit a target by 100%,30%,60% respectively.If you are Mr.30 what is your strategy to survive?

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Tell me about your past experiences as a data Analyst?

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What was your favorite class? Was told afterwards that most of my education would not be needed for the job.

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Excel questions

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