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Dangote Group
Junior Electrical Engineer was asked...December 8, 2020

How would you know if an electric motor is bad without connecting to power?

4 Answers

Explain the motor resistance test.

How to know if an electric motor is bad without connecting to power: Check the bearings and shaft: through this you will ascertain if there is wear and tear on it. Inspect and test the windings with multimeter to determine short circuit, open circuit etc in the coil. Inspect the motor cooler fan. Less

Motor resistance test:This test is an important measurement/test because it detect some of the problems other test/measurement couldn't, it is easy with the use of "motor circuit analysis" winding resistance test detects various faults in motors such as shorted and open turns, wrong turn count, wrong wire gauge, some connection mistakes, resistance balance between phases, short to ground. Less

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Larsen & Toubro

what is your marks (%age) in last semester?

4 Answers

I have answered what i have got.

70%in 8semester

I’m pursuing my engineering from G H Raisoni Collage Of Engineering, Nagpur , Maharashtra, I’m studying in 3rd in Electrical Engineering and my self Vishal Deshmukh .. I have 68% in 10th because I represent Maharashtra in National Kabbadi Turnament so that reason behind my low percentage in 10th and my pointer from 5th sem is 8.20 and SGPA from 2nd year is 8.89 so I can eligibal for your company Less

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They will keep asking questions until you make a mistake and than they will say we only can offer this much.

3 Answers

Always ask for at least 30-50% more than what they offered to you, otherwise you will regret it. Less

How long did it take to recieve an offer letter after interview?

Almost gone my notice period

Oriental Structural Engineers Pvt.

how many types of starter

2 Answers



Describe the services the company deliver.

2 Answers

I am electrical engineer

I am electrical engineer

Tell me about yourself. What is your field of interest. Your previous experience.

1 Answers

The overall experience was good all the recruiter were very helpful and cooperative. Less

Ettinger Engineering Associates

How would you handle a difficult coworker?

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Try to calmly explain the situation and listen, and if necessary get a third party to help resolve a dispute. Less

Hardesty & Hanover

What for you know about relay circuits, PLC and soft starters?

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Explain to the best of my knowledge.

What do you understand by power factor? What is the unit of electrical energy?

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Power factor can be understood as it tells about the type of load, as it maybe resistive, inductive or capacitive load. Less


Motor and Transformer Basics

1 Answers

Overhead Conductor Types

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