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Tell us about a time where you reached a compromise over something you cared about.

4 coding questions Subarray questions with 2 more OOP coding questions. Around 10 multiple choices in 90 mins

What makes you different from software engineers?

Given an array move all X's to back of array without changing the order of other elements

Can you tell me. how you deal with challenges while working with others?

Binary tree lookup time.

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What are the four pillars of Object Oriented Programming

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3 easy algorithm problems on paper: 1. binary search, 2. prime number, 3. forget?? (pretty easy) ===== interviewer interview: discuss the project on the resume, ask some Android basic concept, and algorithm on whiteboard. 1. activity, fragment 2. interface, abstact 3. how do you debug? ...

Given a long text (string) and a maximum number of characters that can fit in the screen (int), write a function that adds newline characters (\n) to split the text to fit on the screen without breaking words in the middle. You can assume characters are monospaced and that the screen’s maximum width is passed in to your application as an argument called maxCharacters.

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