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EPAM Systems
Junior Frontend Developer was asked...October 24, 2020

In JS in an AND condition if the first part is false, would the second get evaluated?

2 Answers


No for AND both conditions should be true.

The question was coding 3 coding challenges

1 Answers



what is the difference between directive and component in angular ?

1 Answers

component is a directive and it comes with a view html+css but directive is not a component Less

Oneflow (Sweden)

Q: What projects are you working on?

1 Answers

I talked primarily about different projects I'd done as part of my education as well as things I had done at an internship I was currently working at. Less

Tasks: OOP knowledge , currying, logic

1 Answers

not good enough


Encountered a bug in my assignment during the 3rd stage. They asked to fix it together on the spot.

1 Answers

I explained my thought process while debugging and clearly identified the bug and fixed it. Less

CIED Technologies

About angular, html tags and a small assignment 'EMI calculator'

1 Answers

The design of the app was given by recruiter. I designed it first. Then I was able to write the code to calculate EMI and learn some new things. Less

Would I like to work from home or office.

1 Answers


Managed Care Concepts

What do you know about MCC GLC?

1 Answers

With complete honesty, explaining how I knew they were a creative agency and what I could find from the website and online articles, etc. Less


What is new in ES7?

1 Answers

Name new features that previous versions did not have.

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