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What's an API?

1 Answer

Application Program Interface (or Programming). The interface that an application uses to access the operating system and other services.

Implement a method to determine whether a string is a palindrome.

3 Answers

With the HR Staff: Tell me about when you worked on a difficult situation. How would you describe your excel skills? During the in-person interview: What was the most difficult project that you took in? Tell me about a time when you persuaded someone. Write step-by-step the journal entries in an inventory cycle.

1 Answer

What does the action and method attribute in the HTML <form> tag do.

1 Answer

What is a Cartesian product?

1 Answer

Write a function to print the first letter of every word in a string.

3 Answers

How would you go about solving a complex problem that you didn't know how to do?

2 Answers

As a designer, did I think I would get bored with coding and troubleshooting?

1 Answer

Describe a time when you were pulled in many directions.

1 Answer

During the third interview : imagine an infinite chess board. If the horse from 1 case, in how many cases can he possibly ends after 10 moves. You actually don't have to give a number but a 95% confidence interval. pen and paper allowed

13 Answers
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