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1. What is an interface 2. What's your favorite part of a language you have used? 3. What are single page apps? Why would you use them? 4. He asked me about the company and I asked him a few questions.

some puzzle questions with number of marbles and how to pick.

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I was given a program that was semantically correct and had to figure out it's output. It was a program that traversed an array of numbers from 0-100 and printed only the prime numbers

One thing the CEO (Sasan) asked me about was my experiences with other software teams.

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None, experience was very straight-forward.

Not very formal. President of the company just asked everyone mostly similar questions.

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Questions were related to search algorithms.

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why Hyland?why this position? what do you see yourself in 5 yrs from now? your salary expectation? why do you want to leave present job? what is the criticized thing about you that you worked on constructively? what was the challenging part in the online assessment of Hyland? Explain a situation when you stood up when they were many conflicts in work?

using C# how would you compare two rectangles to find out if they over lapped using the coordinates and all cordinates are based off of (0,0)

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