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Junior Systems Reliability Engineer was asked...August 14, 2016

What commands would you use to verify your IP addressing (address, mask, default gateway) on a linux server?

2 Answers


On Linux it will be: ifconfig or ipaddr to confirm IP and mask route -n or netstat -rn to verify default gateway ipconfig will be used for Microsoft Less

Tech Mahindra

Basic questions related to mechanical because I'm from Mechanical engineering stream.

1 Answers

I answered almost all of em


I was asked why I didn't have any experience.

1 Answers

I was honest about the fact that I had quit school and ended up working as a tech journalist for 5 years before applying. The results of my code challenges showed that I had technical acumen; the rest was up to me to learn on the job. Luckily for me the company was small but growing and so there was a lot of opportunity to grow with it. Less

BAE Systems

What components would you expect to see in a computer?

1 Answers

What questions were you asked?


Where are DNS entries located on a Linux machine?

1 Answers



CV walkthrough, job scope description

1 Answers

Describe my project posted github


Could you please send me your phone number?

1 Answers

i did, and you did not respond. Great company to work for. Numbers matter only


What are your goals?

1 Answers

I told them about my five year plan. It went well.

Tech Mahindra

Then questions on C Programming were raised.

1 Answers

I've given valid answers to them.


Malicious script goodbyedocs.sh is running on your linux server. How would you locate and stop said script from running?

1 Answers

ps -ef | grep script_name

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