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Junior Video Editor was asked...March 30, 2022

Explain your history with video editing

1 Answers

I explained that I had just gotten out of school and all of the projects I worked on at school Less

Chive Media Group

What is your favorite comedy movie?

1 Answers

Super Troopers

Team17 Digital

What skills could you bring to the role?

1 Answers

I have recently just completed Bachelor's degree in Animation and over the three years I have acquired a lot of skills. Some being: motion graphics, editing, sound, story boarding, having the ability to learn new programs quickly and effectively etc. Less


How would your skills apply to this role.

1 Answers

I spoke about my experience from previous jobs, the programs I use and how often I use it. Less


What can you bring to UNILAD

1 Answers

I'm within the same age as the target audience so I explained how I know what to look for, I also spoke about my skills and previous projects that proved that I can edit to their standards. Less


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

1 Answers

Certainly not in any company that sells false hopes


They made vague statements and did not ask questions related to my skill set.

1 Answers

I remained calm and pleasant.

Render Media

How do you handle criticism?


Are you capable of leading a team and creating a position that hasn't existed before?

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