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If faced with violence from the juveniles how would you handle it?

2 Answers

There is no right answer other than making sure to articulate that it is unacceptable to strike a resident in anything other than the most extreme situations.

Instantly try to restrain and calm

What would you do to prepare your self for court? How to deal with a upset parent? How do you prioritize your time management skills?

2 Answers

How do I stay organized?

1 Answer

are you willing to work overtime?

1 Answer

What community resources are there for a child and parent and how can I find more programs?

STAR format questions about a time you handled a tough case. Why was it tough, how was it handled and what was the outcome.

1 Answer

Something along the line of my knowledge of what HCJPD was doing when it comes to the delinquency process and how it compared to other states across the US.

1 Answer

How would I handle a abused child and parent?

1 Answer

What qualities do juvenile probation officers have to have?

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