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Juvenile Probation Officer Interview Questions


Juvenile probation officer interview questions shared by candidates

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Based on the job description tell us how your education, background, and experience make you qualified for the job?

STAR format questions about a time you handled a tough case. Why was it tough, how was it handled and what was the outcome.

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Something along the line of my knowledge of what HCJPD was doing when it comes to the delinquency process and how it compared to other states across the US.

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How did you overcome certain obstacles in your life and how have they benefited you?

What experience do you think you have that would help with this job?

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How would you feel about a juveniles fate in your hands with the case report you write prior to their sentencing by a judge ?

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If one of your co-workers was falling behind on deal lines for completing necessary paperwork, is it your obligation to assist.

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How would I calm down an angry parent?

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