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Baylor Scott & White Health Interviews in Killeen /  HQ: Dallas, TX

52 Interviews in Killeen (of 327)

2.6 Easy

CGI Interviews in Killeen /  HQ: Montreal, CA

30 Interviews in Killeen (of 1,660)

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US Army Interviews in Killeen /  HQ: Washington, DC

18 Interviews in Killeen (of 1,769)

2.4 Easy

Interview Questions in Killeen

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How do I view discipline for children?

1 Answer

Based on position as an aide, much of the discipline must be led by the teacher's philosophy, hopefully it is about redirecting child to a more positive behavior, involving choice.

She wanted to know about my experience with medical billing.

1 Answer

Write a code that takes an input number and outputs the sum of all the EVEN numbers from that number down to zero. Write a function that, given a number as input, returns the factorial of that number.

2 Answers

Why would you even want to work here, when this is totally different from your last job?

2 Answers

What was a time when you disrespected a boss or another authority figure?

2 Answers

What is the medical history of your father?

1 Answer

what is something you are passionate about?

1 Answer

How do you go about writing someone up or disciplining another teller? Lets say your regional manager here is your employee and her shirt isn't ironed what do you say?

1 Answer

A month from now we are sitting here disscusing an issue involving you, what would the issue be ?

1 Answer

I didn't really have any questions asked of me that wasn't on my app. The only thing that I was asked was can you and are you willing to work overtime.

1 Answer
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