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Kindergarten teacher Interview Questions

"Schools hiring kindergarten teachers are looking for passionate candidates who have the patience and skill to create an engaging educational environment for young students. In an interview, be ready to to answer behavioral and situational questions about your teaching philosophy, experience working with children, and ability to discipline students in a positive and constructive way."

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If you were outside with your group of students and someone is injured, how would you respond?

3 Answers

I wouldn't want to leave the injured child alone, so I would call or radio in to someone inside the building to come assist or call for help - depending on what was appropriate/necessary.

I wouldn’t leave the injured child base on The ratios of students it should be another adult if not I’ll sent a leader to get the nearest adult for assistance

I would tend to the student's injury first. I would not leave the other students unsupervised, so I would definitely call in or call on the radio to someone in the building for assistance. However, the response could also vary depending on the situation.

What is my approach to classroom discipline and management?

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How important is family communication and why?

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How would I problem solve and teach a group of students younger than what I had previously taught?

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What is your strongest quality when it comes to teaching?

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What is your background experience in Education?

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How would you teach a lesson? (Specific to a grade-level and standard)

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How would you discipline a child for mis-behavior

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What does America mean to you?

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We do not have a reading curriculum for our Kindergartners. How would you approach reading instruction?

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