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SF State University
Summer Student Research Assistant for CARE Lab was asked...October 13, 2019

What projects would you be interested in working on?

3 Answers

I said that I would be interested in doing controls. When Dr. Quintero started to list a few projects, I picked the projects that I was interested in. Less

I will be interested in creativity projects

I would be interested in fabrication and creativity projects, I like inventing into new ideas Less

Quest Diagnostics

Tell me about a time you had to deal with someone who was hard to deal with.

3 Answers

Patients can be very hard to deal with at times especially if you need to preform the venipuncture for the second or third time a patients attitude definitely do change quickly but very few don’t mind it at all because they don’t want to have to come back on a different day especially since they work or go to school during the week days. Less

I gave an example of working in a group that included my bully.. i told my interviewer how i resolved the difficulties Less

gave example about working in a group

Santa Cruz Biotechnology

Why do you want to work here?

3 Answers

For science!

To get an experience how work looks in laboratory

To get hands on experience in a biotech setting

Quest Diagnostics

Are you comfortable working with blood and semen?

3 Answers


I’m a phlebotomists so that’s a given I love all aspects of my new career.

Blood working comfortable


Are their any raises after probation period?

3 Answers

NO! Raises are given once per year on a common review date or upon promotion.

No. Reviews are only once a year and generally 2%-3% of your pay.

They said yes in the interview but it never happened

Quest Diagnostics

Are you comfortable working nights?

3 Answers


Yes of course

I m comfortable


Whats the difference between serum and plasma?

2 Answers

The above answer is wrong, plasma contains fibrinogen and not serum

Serum containing clotting factor fibrinogen that is absent in plasma

Quest Diagnostics

What sort of education do you have?

2 Answers

I have a bachelor's in English and I am trying to get into nursing school.

I have an Associates Degree from CCSD College in San Diego. I am a Certified Phlebotomists. I’m a Licensed Phlebotomists thru California as well.. Less

Quest Diagnostics

What are three positive things your last boss would say about you?

2 Answers

I’m friendly to all I come in contact with at work or outside work. I’m a hard worker and make sure I do my job correctly while at work. I show up ten fifteen minutes early to my shifts on any working week. Less

Good working Good attitude And work time to time

Spire Healthcare

What do you know about this company

2 Answers

Learn a bit about the company

Am interested job on this company becose this is a best In 2008 Spire Healthcare won the Independent Healthcare Award for Best Healthcare Outcomes and followed this in 2009 with the Nursing Practice award for their approach to infection prevention and control. In 2010, Spire won the Nursing Practice award for the second year in succession, together with the award for Excellence in Risk Management. Spire won the Innovation Award in 2011, before going on to win the Medical Practice award in 2012 Less

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