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Lab Technician I was asked...October 19, 2015

Although the interview was relaxed, the Team Leads are listening very carefully to assess your lab skills, your work ethic, and lastly, your people skills. Come prepared. BASF is one of the few plants that is willing to train graduate chemists, so you have to demonstrate , through your senior project or military certifications, that you know your stuff. Some PhDs have applied, but were not hired, because they had no people skills (ie. their University didn't make them work with students in a lab vs a lecture class). There are the rare PhDs who are hired who are supposed to learn Process Chemistry, but they end up being solo guys because they have no experience in graduate school working with students, especially women. BASF is also a plant that values people skills. They have let go employees that tested positive for weed, and an angry or arrogant employee sticks out like a sore thumb. Finally, BASF is a German company, so be old school and write a thank you note to your interviewer. There is a general skills test that everyone must take and pass. It consists of safety, mechanical, and good work habit skills. I aced it, but there are some local people who are dumb as boards who don't pass. I would say to recent graduate applicants to save up your money in your state working as a barista because the pay is great and the local talent pool may not be the sharpest tools in the shed.

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Is I have undergraduate & graduate experience in the labs working with students, faculty, staff, etc. Do I need to include this in my introduction of my résumé or under job experience or both? Less

I had experience working in an Undergraduate school lab or Internship. I did my homework about BASF products. My ISO 9001 experience was well received. Less

How do you maintain attention to detail when you are doing repetitive tasks?

1 Answers

Attention to details and perfectionism are some of my personality traits, so I do not find it difficult to spot imperfections and correct them quickly. Less

Pace Analytical

How my previous experience would apply to the position applied for.

1 Answers

I had previously worked in a lab so I was/am familiar with how samples need to be analyzed in a timely fashion to meet deadlines as well as hold times. I discussed the importance of ensuring you are performing tasks the was the SOP requires so that all results are accurate. Less

The Jackson Laboratory

Do you work better in a team or as an individual?

1 Answers

I can work very good both as an individual and as a team worker. But I prefer to work in a friendly team environment. Less

United Blood Services

Which of your past supervisors would speak least favorably of you and why?

1 Answers

Honestly I just kind of stumbled over this one, I know they're looking for weaknesses in past performance, but this one threw me way off. Mainly because I couldn't think of a supervisor who would speak poorly of me. Less

United Blood Services

Are you seeking a long term position?

1 Answers

They were really concerned about finding someone who would be there long 5+ years. Less

University of Utah

What was it like working with another lab tech?

1 Answers

We got along, and she wished me well when I left. She has her opinions.


Where do you see yourself in five years?

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Basic jist was that I saw myself becoming a valued part of the company, looking to advance in the company, and that I would still be with the company. Less


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

1 Answers

Being a valued part of an organization and making valuable contributions. Took place in the ivy covered front admin building. I really don't recall too much. Less

Myriad Genetics

why do you think you are a good fit for this position

1 Answers

because i am detail oriented

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