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Aga Khan University
Lab Technologist was asked...January 1, 2018

About my education and on going studies

2 Answers

I have done my bechalors BBA from PAF-KIET since December 2018 my majors is marketing Less

I have done my bachelors .


Do you like South Park?

1 Answers

Uhhh... how is that relevant? Really??

what are your lab skills?

2 Answers

I just share my experiences

I have 5 years experience in lab

Pandemic Response Lab

If I can spell PCR.

1 Answers

Yes, I can spell PCR

Mayo Clinic

Name a time you had to persuade someone to change their point of view.

1 Answers

Well u can try it your way but when I did it this way I got quicker results

Hain Celestial

Q: Why do you want this specific position at this company?

1 Answers

A: I gave my genuine answer that I liked the business model and I wanted to be part of R&D. Less

ABC Technologies

They asked standard questions wrt to work such as strengths and weaknesses.

1 Answers

Just be confident in your answers

Tampa General Hospital

Procedure experience and numbers, equipment used, and qualifications. What X-ray and hemodynamic monitoring equipment I have used. What HIS and EMR I am familiar with. Future endeavors as well as personal goals. What challenges I have had with my previous employer and environment? How do I handle conflicts and to give an example of an occurrence that had happened to me.

1 Answers

I answered openly and about what experiences I have had.


I was not asked any questions. I was told about their enviornment and told that there were some very "strong personalties" also, I was told that I may be asked to flex out early occasionally when there was lack of work. I was also told that call would be a part of my responsibilites. They basically said they could train me and did i think I could handle it?? There was a lack of transparency. In the end, I was hired as a full time employee, but only getting like 30 hours per week.

1 Answers

I told them that I was ready for the change and that I was a fast learner, self starter, etc.... Less

How would you handle a stressful situation.

1 Answers

Depending what it was calm and intelligently

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