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Factor the prime numbers from an integer

3 Answers

Are you f’n joking me?!? In my 20+ years of programming, I have NEVER had to do that. I’m not a math guy, I’m a web/database guy. I’m not writing encryption algorithms here dude. So we waste most of the interview on that stupid problem.

IF you have 20+ years experience, you should be able to solve it in few minutes. Why complain? It only proves you are still don't get the CS fundamentals, if you apply for Google or MS, you will getting this kind of questions over and over. Again a waste of your time? My only suggestion for you is to take some CS courses instead of complaining.

Experience is relative to your area of expertise. I have a degree in CS. Ask me to write a linked list, or ask me to write a stack or queue. Factoring prime numbers is useless in a web application except in very very very specific cases as mentioned. Anyways, Intellius is a bunch of scammers and crooks and I'm glad it didn't work out. I hope they not only go out of business, but that their management is indicted in fraud charges...

Suppose you notice the web page is slow, how do you go about debugging it?

1 Answer

Do you have experience with non-SQL databases like (long list of types). (Job description only stated SQL needed.)

1 Answer

He asks me some basic questions like, what is HTTP, DNS or SSH or other high-school ones.

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Asked me about some silly HTML table challenge where you have 3 things on one row and 2 on another and he wants it centered or something – I forget.

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Breakdown one of the projects you've worked on in the past

Data model a race track event in Sql.

1 Answer

They asked me if I was comfortable working for a startup

Given an array of numbers, write an O(n) function that returns an array with each element containing the product of all the other elements.

grab the image for a product from a mysql database. if it doesnt exist use a different table to get a different image.

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