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Aspire Public Schools
Speech Language Pathologist was asked...February 26, 2018

Why do you want to work for ASPIRE? Tell me about your experience with the education system? Tell me about a time you disagreed with a supervisor and what was the outcome? Tell me about a time you experienced a difficult child behaviorally and how did you approach it?

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I want to work for ASPIRE because you work with the same population whom I have always been passionate about, the low-income underserved youth. This position gives me the opportunity to be a part of the solution rather than just talking about it. With my current supervisor sometimes we don't see eye to eye in how to handle the kids. I take the time and listen to her and since she is the supervisor she has the final word so I respect her opinion and make it work Less

ASPIRE serves the population of students whom I have always been passionate about educating: the low-income youth. It gives me a chance to be a part of the educational process rather than just talking about it. Additionally, I would like to keep working in the afterschool sector. Last year I had a couple of students who were exceptionally challenging. They would do as they pleased: walk out of class without permission, walk around the class instead of sitting in their seats. For the girl, I had a meeting with her mother in the class. We chose a seat for her to sit in everyday when she comes to class to do her work. I also assigned her special jobs to do when she's finished working. The assigned seat worked. One day I had to tell her twice to sit down and do her work and she came into the class late from the bathroom. I made her miss out on free coloring and explained why. In one instance another teacher informed me that she lied about going outside to get her bag. She was playing. I decreased the opportunities for her to go outside by having extra work packets and using the bathroom in the class. For the boy after talking to him twice I would have him sit in time out for 5 minutes then ask him why he's there. He would do better after the time outs and started to help clean the class on his own Less

sometimes I don't always agree with the way the teacher in my class does things but I listen to her point of view and try to handle things the way she does as much as possible Less

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Fairview International School

I can see the salary you expected is a bit high. Why do you think you deserve the salary?

6 Answers

Yes I am still working but as part timer now.

I have a good number or years in experience and also bring along with me cooperative learning strategies that can aid learning. Less

I bring with me years of experience and also cooperative learning strategies that can engage a diverse range of learners. Less

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JET Program

Which American holiday would you choose to demonstrate a lesson for Japanese students?

5 Answers

New Years, as it has parallels in their own culture. It could be a good topic for a compare and contrast essay or other writing assignment. Less



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Teaching Assistant Program in France

Why do you want to teach in France/ Essay/and ability to speak french

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1 pages essay in French, CV, strong recommendation letters and ability to show I was involved with the Francophone community Less

I read french, I can speak french and I have a desire to travel to a french speaking country. I am also from an English speaking country Less

I read french, I can speak french and I have a desire to travel to a french speaking country. I am also from an English speaking country Less

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Go back to your very first job and tell me what you learned from that experience?

3 Answers

Straightforward question, you just answer truthfully.

I learned excellent excellent interpersonal and problem solving solving skills. I was beginning to consolidate the medical transcription skills and knowledge I had acquired during my training in a hospital context. I had to get used to doctors who dictated for foreign accents, from rooms with background noises, and in rushed environments, with very strict priority requirements. These were cancer patients and the notes had to be done in a timely fashion. I used my skills to answer my queries with the help of my supervisor and was able to build on my knowledge base. Less

My first job at Princess Margaret Hospital helped me develop my transcription speed, medical terminology, and problem solving skills. The transcription turnaround time was 24 hours and I was rewarded for speedy transcription as well as thorough knowledge of medical oncology terminology. The dictations I transcribed were by doctors who came to Canada from all around the globe, and they had a wide range of foreign accents to decipher. This helped to develop my problem solving skills and time management skills. I also learned to get along with the other transcriptionists; the work environment was congenial and one in which asking for help was encouraged. This job allowed me to develop from a junior transcriptionist to an intermediate one. Less

Would i commit to working for the agency for a year and sign a contract.

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Patient continuity is important as our clients become very attached to their therapist. The intent of a year commitment to foster continuity of care is the essence of the question. All of our contracts have exit clauses in them for both the agency and the contractor. Should the agency become unsatisfied with the contractor's service or the contractor wish to stop providing service for any reason, neither are locked into the contract commitment without options. It is expected, however, that proper notice to end the relationship would be given per the terms of the contract. Less

I have worked for a few companies who have lengthy contracts with multiple additions and huge loop holes who ask for a year. This contract was to the point, efficient and spelled out my expectations. It does state exit terms, with an patient care you need to ensure that the patient doesn't suffer. I was glad to sign. Less

I said I plan to work there for as long as i am happy but can't imagine an agency wanting someone to continue employment if they were not happy in their job. What kind of employee would that be for the agency? Less


Why do you want to join the company?

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Best company best offer

Thanks for contact me

I want to join this company as it provide fresher with new and challenging opportunities so that they can updgrade their skill and can built a great future ahead..and will proof yo be a better assest to this company. Less


If a student has his or her head on the desk and not paying attention to the teacher, what would you do?

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Ensure the student to have comfortable and safe environment while coming into the class Engage the student in more creative and fun filled learning Less

Get his/her attention by starting a group activity.


Tell me about a time you did something that you didn't know you could do.

2 Answers

Let me know more questions that you were asked!

I was waiting for those famous brainteasers. Not one of them gave them to me. Slightly disappointed Less


You have a lot of work on Friday night (The deadline!), and there are some people from other Bolt offices that your manager wants you to meet. She keeps introducing them to you. What would you do?

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I would say hi, apologized for not being able to have a small talk, and kept on working. Maybe, joined the later after work. Less

I’m considering a position they’re interviewing me for but they didn’t give any indication regarding the salary, would you be able to tell me how much a language specialist makes with Bolt? I hope it’s ok to ask, thanks! Less

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