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A lot of "Describe a scenario when you . . . and then you and then you, and what did you do?"

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Multipart questions that make me want to take detailed notes and then draw a logic model. More effective, I think, to say, "We are hoping to have someone in this position who can demonstrate [preferred skill/characteristic/temperament]. Can you provide us with examples of when you had the opportunity to apply these . . . .? One can infer from the question, eventually, but it's tedious.

If you witness or have knowledge that an instructor is citing or demonstrating inaccurate, unethical, or potentially dangerous information or conduct, how would you handle the situation?

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The questions arnt difficult or unexpected, its the length of the process thats unexpected. You initially come in for a basic interview, and a written test to see if you can count and read. After that you come back for a slightly more in depth interview, and a physical assessment (jumping jacks, running, etc). Beyond that is 2-3 more interviews with advancing levels of management, but at this point they are looking to see if you are a follower or a leader (they want followers).

All scenario based questions pertaining to law and order and policy and procedures.

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Why do you believe you are an ideal candidate for this position?

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How soon would I be available ?

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Tell me about yourself - Describe what you bring to the organization; nothing eccentric; keep it professional.

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