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The most difficult question I encountered was when the hiring manager emphasized after that we had already thoroughly discussed expectations, roles, duties, and the such when we didn't. How are you supposed to answer or respond to a question which describes a situation that hasn't occurred yet? You have to be able to dance without lying - some managers, senior managers, and directors likes this - they are more interested in ending a meeting 'on a positive note' or with a good feeling than they are in actually addressing topics.

Tell me about yourself; situations where analytical skills where displayed

Be prepared to discuss design patterns, principles, and how to handle various scenarios a team lead would face.

"Our clients expect a lot and aren't will to pay us for it. Tell us about as time when you've gone the extra mile to deliver extra value for a client without costing your employer extra money? How much long-term financial impact did you generate? Did you work unpaid overtime to deliver this value?"

Inquired on specific experience and number of years working in the consulting business.

Describe a time when you disagreed with an order from your superior. What did you do? What was the outcome?

Specific to industry knowledge

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