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1. Role play scenario between customer-vendor to resolve a case request posed 2. Technical interests and the experience 3. Technical questions - Verilog, System Verilog, UVM 4. Questions specific to the technical side of the role you are interviewed for 5. Hiring manager interview to understand your ability to fit into the role

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1. Good Preparation level 2. Understand the requirement and respond genuinely. What you don't know is a no, no making up 3. If you know the topic of the interview, for ex the technical side of the role's expectations, like a new tool, try to read up and be prepared 4. Ask questions if you need more understanding of the question being asked 5. Respond in few words, unless the question calls for elaborate explanations.

Wondering anyone tried Rooftop Slushie? Seems like you can ask questions and get answers from Cadence Design Systems employees. https://wwww.rooftopslushie.com

Multicycle constraint, ECSM, CCS, BFS, DFS, constraints, DRV, setup, hold, late, early, CPRR, pulse latches, SOCV, POCV, ILM, ETM, spice correlation

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Explain your Master's Thesis in layman's language, How do you handle challenging situations etc

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Why are you leaving your current position? What do you do if you are in front of a customer and don't know the answer to a question? Describe a situation where you had to balance opposing stakeholder requirements. Name a weakness that you have (when answering make sure to say what you are doing to mitigate or strengthen in that area!)

Programming exercise was good- you had 1:15 hr in XCode to write a simple iOS application with data persistence, implement a shake motion gesture, localize it into french and spanish, and ensure the UI resized correctly. Then you had to write the test cases for your app. All told if you knew what you were doing you should have the basics done in under an hour. From there you can spend the rest of your time making the UI pretty.

Technical questions on IC design and verification, scripting Questions on resume and experience General questions on why are you interested in the role and company

Many technical questions related to RCX, CKT Sim and LVS

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You know your tool doesn't support the features customer is asking for. How do you approach your customer and how are you going to solve his problem? And last but not least, What precautions do you take to keep the business relationship alive.

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