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American Express
Lead Technical Architect was asked...February 10, 2011

How you inherit the properties of two classes (not interfaces) in a child Java class. Where as those two parent classes are not related and not of any inheritance relationship between them.

4 Answers

My answer is, unlike other OO languages like C++ multiple inheritance is not possible in Java, and interfaces can be used to achieve this with specific implementation. The interviewer is not convinced with this. Less

The answer is composition inheritance. It's not as convenient as implementation inheritance (extends keyword) but creating an instance of the parent object and making the child manage/expose necessary members. Probably be a good idea to create an interface to keep things. Less

You would be using the Adapter Design Pattern.

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Explain the module which you implemented o your own and what were the challenges you faced and how did you overcome them?

1 Answers

I had implemented a very challenging module myself so i knew in and out of that module so i didn't find any difficulty in explaining that. I think the interviewer was impressed with my explanation. Less

KNOWARTH Technologies

Ohh, 1000+ lines only for bla...bla...bla ?

1 Answers

Yes, explained the process

Swiss Re

Wo haben sie bereits konzeptionelle Modelle erstellt

1 Answers

Bei Grossbanken und in der chemischen Industrie

Ulta Beauty

Do you understand the role?

1 Answers

Explained what I perceived what the role is from the job description.

Indecomm Global Services

Default scope of spring bean is Singleton. How it is handled in web application ?(Services and DAO)

1 Answers

Bean is handled by spring framework.

HERE Technologies

1. How do you find unique squares of numbers. 2. How do you calculate number of empty strings in array 3. What are the three roles in agile 4. What is devops

1 Answers

I was not interested in the position right after the initial 2 minutes of the meeting. I asked panel to introduce themselves, on which the panel replied 'candidate should search on internet about the panel before the interview'. However, they gave their introduction later. Though there were some conceptual questions, it focused on by hearting methods available in java 8. which you do not need to. Everyone has IDE with suggestions. Then came the part about switching companies. They seemed to be more concern about candidate switching companies than discussing concepts, challenges and culture. During the interview process, the panel asked to switch on the camera, with their camera's turned off. This just showed the culture practiced in their specific department. All in all, more suitable for BSC IT candidates with not enough of intellectual and problem solving capabilities. And almost no emphasis on culture. This is for their Professional Services Group in Airoli Office. Less


Outline a business model of Allianz in the contex of Internet of Things and explain it.

1 Answers

I used an example of an IoT sensor detection system that would use the presence of people in a house to determine the insurance rate for the house. Less

New Relic

Explain what an AST is

1 Answers

I explained that I had a basic understanding that it is a tree-like data structure representation of your code, but that I have been interested in learning more but was unable to find any in-depth learning resources for it online. Less


What is the syntax of mocking an object using mockito?

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