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Data Science Lead was asked...July 7, 2020

What does SQL stand for

3 Answers

Structured Query Language

Structured query language

Structured query language


Case Study

2 Answers

Given a data set via excel and expected to put together 20-25 minute PowerPoint presentation to discuss insights and conclusions Less

There's a lot of elements to typically cover in these questions, clarifications, scoping, making sure you're answering the actual question the interviewer is looking for you to answer, etc. Could be worth doing a mock interview with one of the Prepfully E*TRADE Lead Data Analyst experts... they've worked in the role so they clearly know how to get through the interview. prepfully.com/practice-interviews Less


What kind of salary are you expecting?

2 Answers

Top of salary range for Lead Data Analyst was $120k base salary

In these sorts of interviews you really need to drill down and understand what the interviewer is looking for. A good way to simulate a real interview experience is to do a mock with one of the E*TRADE Lead Data Analyst experts on Prepfully, rated super strongly on TrustPilot... prepfully.com/practice-interviews Less


How many distinct projects are there?

2 Answers

select count(*) from projects OR select distinct count(*) from projects Depends on your data structure and data health what is considered a "distinct" project. Less

My guess is you are not white. I have several friends also had the same experiences with Dashlane because they are Chinese and Indian Less

Archangel Imaging

Detailed discussion of past projects in areas relevant to the current project the managers are working on.

1 Answers

I picked put several different projects from previous contracts that are most similar to 3 or 4 areas of the problems they are trying to solve and implement. I provided them with past research papers, technical publications, and sample code on Github for the managers to review. Less


nothing as nobody knows anything over there

1 Answers

you can answer anything of any question


None really. All was expected

1 Answers

Check if you they didn't take advantage of you. I have a few friends who interviewed for them. And they use their interview process to get free consultation from a qualified person and never hire!! Less


Implement k-means algorithm. Inputs: 1. List of n lists, of some general length d. Each represents a point in a d-dimensional space. 2. k: number of clusters No use of any ml-libraries of course.

1 Answers

you can find it online easily...


Convince me that your years of experience is what they are and not what I just imagined.

1 Answers

Lol, you did not convince me that there is any reason to work with you, bye.


What is your birth date? What is your current salary

1 Answers

My answer would have been 'not relevant', if that were an option.

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