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Most of the technical questions focused on power supply design. For this position this is a one of the more difficult tasks so they want to know how switching regulators work and different trade offs involved.

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can you please post the questions?

Number of different questions regarding power supplies such as: Describe how buck regulator works? What effects efficiency? Describe effect on output when step response on load occurs.

Buck regulator is easy to design. A switch, a diode and an inductor with bypass/decoupling capacitors at input and output Efficiency = load power/ total power Effect of step on output will be overshoot, ripples, before it settle down to actual voltage level. What were your answers? Was there any other questions asked regarding digital design?

general technical questions they worked on and correlated with your resume

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technical question on your resume

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ASked about my skills and talents.

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Focused on basics of DSP hardware, C-programming, Computer Architecture, Computer Vision Algorithms, basic Linux and other details relevant to projects on resume.

They asked about past projects and questions about designing consumer electronics.

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The interview questions covered Perl, UVM, System Verilog, basic knowledge of computer architecture. The interviewers also asked in detail about my current job and responsibilites.

Comfort and ability to work within a heavily regulated industry as well as a heavily process driven company.

CPU Design questions. Starting from Instruction fetch to Load-store

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