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You were a director before and now will just be a team lead, will you be happy with such a role here?

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Describe your experience architcting SharePoint sites.

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How would you add federated data sources to an existing database when the data schemas do not match, network and data source latency are unknown and meet your n second maximum response time requirement?

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Using the REST API described in the Help that’s available online, write a program using Java, C#, Python or Ruby to: Run an environment (i.e. run all virtual machines (VMs) in an environment) Suspend an environment Resume a suspended environment Power off an environment Please write test cases in code or document.

If you were to create a web API for a customer to access our Windows servers and databases, how would you do this?

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One of the design questions pretty challenging. Can't give the details.

Technical round had some decent questions about the tool & Face to face interview was a decent experience with mix of questions. Some about tool and few like why our company and so on..

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