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Cannot remember at this time but there were a few curveballs especially in the second in person group interview. Make sure you do your homework about the company and you will do fine.

No technical questions that I remember... Just the usual..... I waited 2 years to get the iPad they promised us... ... And the company IPad doesn't do the funstuff like surfing and big brother is reading every email

Can you explain the difference between SEO and SEM?

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Tell me more about yourself?

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What do you know about the products and what what is your IT knowledge. Can you do an eg. cold call on the spot.

We are looking for a long term employee, is this something you seek?

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Why are you leaving your current position? What do you do if you are in front of a customer and don't know the answer to a question? Describe a situation where you had to balance opposing stakeholder requirements. Name a weakness that you have (when answering make sure to say what you are doing to mitigate or strengthen in that area!)

talk about the company

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