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room, desk and car which do you clean first

22 Answers

My reply to the interviewer would be: It depends on where I am spending the most of my time and which would have the greatest visibility to visitors or customers. If we are talking about work desk, then that gets cleaned first. If it is simply a home office desk versus the living room, the living room gets it first. If I use the car to often transport customers, then that gets my attention first. I want to try to make sure first impressions are good ones.

What makes you think any of the three are not clean already?

Are these things mine or someone else?

Most of the technical questions focused on power supply design. For this position this is a one of the more difficult tasks so they want to know how switching regulators work and different trade offs involved.

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2. Swap the two values (int A=5 and int B=3), w/o using a 3rd attribute(so you cant use the 3rd attribute to store the value as a temporary storage).

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None. HR could not answer ONE question.

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How much do you make?

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Who is the CEO? When did they go public? What big event happened with Google over the summer that changed how they do business?

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What ideas do you have for how we might tackle the problem of data integrity for our 5 million plus data points for restaurants and clubs.

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How far do you want to reach in the company?

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How can you specify a client or member server to communicate with a specific DC upon startup?

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I was asked to correct an excel file containing 5000+ records that a client had accidentally done a sort on, mixing columns.

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