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Lot of questions were around my previous experience

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IMO I would consider my answers very apt and more than in sync with the expectations they had for the role. And in some ways thats what irked me to write this review here as I don't believe rejecting me was on technical grounds..

Sounds like you had a bad experience, but these things can happen for all sorts of reasons. Of the top of my head, perhaps: - the guy he talked to after you came across better - the rest of the team didn't like your resume - the requirements for the position changed Salesforce should have handled it better though

1. How would I test a yahoo messenger? 2. Write code for showing use of singleton pattern? 3. Write a program to implement a binary search tree.

The interviewers were mainly looking for how I think, data structures, writing clean code, rather than any syntax.

One design question is about design a chess game.

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Differences between std::vector vs std::list

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Read about Multi tenancy architecture and you will be fine.

Please tell us some of your strengths AND weakness

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