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Risk Investigations Lead was asked...February 17, 2019

Determine the overall ROI deployment feasibility of two systems with different false positive rates. Which ones would you eventually go with?

1 Answers

Easy enough answer. Its a simple sit interview question where you ask the person more question about metrics, what is downstream and then determine what is most cost effective. Less

Old Mutual

How would ensure that suppliers are kept honest and we get value out their service?

1 Answers

Suppliers are critical to our survival, without them there are many services we would not be able extend to our customers; therefore we need to partner with them in such way that our customers do not feel the difference between ourselves and the suppliers. Less

Centauri Health Solutions

She asked me nothing pertaining to this position. She was very aggressive and pushy about my previous employer.

1 Answers

I told her that her assumptions were untrue and everyone deserves a fair chance.

New Relic

They asked me whether or not I had experience modifying control processes.

1 Answers

I had worked in consulting in The Bay Area for the past two years so I had multiple instances where I could point to a change that was deemed necessary and how the team's I worked with were able to modify the process in a quick and effective manner. Less


sql question: another random table on shopping carts - find the most recent rows/transactions that use type 8, not type 9; only pull the amount.

1 Answers

Super confusing question. He didn't offer any feedback as I was writing the query - it was a pretty confusing question to begin with. I even said I would have thought most recent would have only meant 1 transaction, but he alleged that there should be two rows in the result. I just said here's the query I'd start with. No idea if it was right. Less


python: write a function that would allow you to type the function(n) to get the number within the Fibonacci sequence.

1 Answers

Needed to use recursion, which I never use. I hardly ever even write functions - this is fraud data. you're analyzing data to find useful rules and the impacts of potential rules. The python I use is namely like pandas, and numpy, some scikit learn stuff, but I am by no means a pro and python. I told them I'd be wasting their time trying to write this function. could have just googled it quicker but whatever. Both of these guys were like people on the other team. They don't want you, they don't want to talk to you, they're too cool for anyone, they're not friendly, they're not anyone I'd ever want to work with. Less

GlobalLogic UK&I

What do you think would be the most difficult thing for you when coming to work for us?


sql question: find the second largest transaction in a table with ID and Amount. Offer as many approaches as you can.

1 Answers

My rank() function skills are rusty - I rarely use this function. I hate when interviewers ask questions that are designed to trip you up. Like outer joins, rank, running totals - who uses these on a regular basis? Maybe you would in a finance role, but not a fraud role. Less


How can a fraudster abuse credit card information ?

1 Answers

By using it to pay for subscription services where card details are required for the first month. Less

Morgan Stanley
Risk Lead was asked...October 12, 2015

Asked questions specific to the role.

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Provided the correct answers

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