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Coding round: How would you add an extra discount offered as an extra use case?

1 Answer

Answer: Add that extra if or switch case. But the interviewer was more concerned about how can I refactor his discount in the Price class rather than Product class. Interviewer failed to understand where the business logic should be and the pros and cons of such a design.

Having a client exposed his interfaces as Rest and SOAP Web Services how to decide which one to use when calling it

1 Answer

Was the salary offered satisfactory to me?

1 Answer

About the projects that i worked on at my previous employer

1 Answer

They asked a number of the "typical" interview questions. Such as "How did you do when X situation presented itself. I am not sure what else to write on this subject. There is nothing more that I would like to add at this time in regards to this subject.

2 Answers

Did I have oil and gas experience

1 Answer

Abt tols used like Matlab Simulink, NI Labview and Veirstand

1: What is the most complex project that you have worked on? Its challenges and how you resolved hurdles?

Can you handle multitasking?

1 Answer

Why should they chose me? that was an odd question and made me think for sometime before I could come up with a decent answer

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