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Lead Ux Designer was asked...June 29, 2021

Sobre mi experiencia en el rubro

1 Answers

Les conte mi trayectoria en el mercado y como podia aportar a la empresa


What would your process of designing involve in a tech heavy domain specific product? How would you approach the problem

1 Answers

Domain learning cannot be completed in a specific duratio. it is a continuous learning. Also the stages of design are very scalable to every problem. Identifying the stage of the product and appropriately applying design thinking in the upcoming steps, also with SME support for domain speciifc descision would be key in such scenarios Less


Des questions très classiques

1 Answers

Cher candidat, Nous vous remercions pour votre retour. Dans une démarche d’amélioration constante, nous prenons note de vos remarques et feedback sur notre process de recrutement. L'entretien téléphonique est une préqualification (pour optimiser le temps de chacun). Ensuite, lors de l'entretien en face à face, certaines questions peuvent parfois être reprises, car nous sommes très attachés à l’humain et les échanges permettent de comprendre le/la candidat(e) et d'identifier le fit avec les valeurs de l’entreprise et l’esprit d’équipe. Cette identification est également utile au candidat au moment de faire son choix. Concernant le test technique, il est habituellement apprécié des candidats puisqu'il permet de se projeter sur notre solution. A la lecture de votre retour, peut-être n'avons nous pas assez souligné cet objectif pour ce qui vous concerne. Nous prenons en compte votre remarque et veillerons à l'avenir à faire preuve plus encore de pédagogie. En revanche, nous ne pouvons accepter votre jugement quant au niveau de compétences de nos collaborateurs. Ces derniers exercent leurs rôles et possèdent le niveau de compétences idoine. Si leurs rôles sont différents de celui du candidat, leurs expertises sont donc différentes. Elles ne peuvent en aucun cas être présentées comme sous qualifiées. Dans une démarche de développement et d'amélioration continus, SimpliField est toujours à l'écoute des avis des candidats. Je vous invite donc, si vous le souhaitez, à me contacter par téléphone pour m'exposer et développer plus avant vos remarques. Meilleures salutations, Marjorie Palasse Head of HR Less


What time would you like to interview?

1 Answers

Either early in the morning, but not too early, around 10:00 am-11:00 am. Sometimes 9:00 am-10:00 am. It depends on the situation. or right after lunch, people are more friendly after they’ve ate. Less


Let's explore Agile. What do you like about agile?

1 Answers

Really? At Lead level for someone who has worked in one of the Sunday Times best company to work for in UK, it feels like an insult. :D All the insights about how an initiative is broken into epic, story, task, subtask etc were brushed down the carpet. And picked on the fact sprint dmeo and retro were done together. I did create many opportunities to connect with the interviewer but it was more important for him to nit pick on process. :D Quite against one of the agile manifesto which is, Individuals and interactions over processes and tools Pretty sure interviewer hasn't read about the agile Manifesto or the twelve principles of agile. My point is, different companies practice agile differently. I have worked in a few companies and all of them were different in application although the guiding philosophy of agile is still the same. And it is the easiest thing any candidate can adjust. Thanks for wasting my time for petty process nit picking. Glad it did not progress to the next stage. I can only imagine how much time would have been wasted being asked to work on a task and be judged by putting into a box rather than the merit of the work. worst interview experience ever. PS: If I have to nit pick, the interviewer was Principal UX designer. Principal position is not related for hiring process by definition. Get your UX Career Progression Behavioral matrix sorted if you have one already in place. :D Less


HM: So you haven't worked in an ambiguous development environment?

1 Answers

"Yes, I have, for several companies." HM :You didn't say that you had. Me: You didn't ask me if I had. HM: Moving on... (She then kept drawing conclusions about me based on examples that I never gave.) I issued that this was a test but while I remained courteous and upbeat, the interview outcome seemed to have been predetermined before it started. By the end, it was clear that there was little point in trying to clarify what I was being asked, since it was going to be ignored or reversed. Less

Happiest Minds Technologies

Current technologies in respect VR and AR and how can we use it minimize it lag in Realtime.

1 Answers

If you have the done the low poly modeling, you can easily answer the the question asked. Less

Fledge Digital

Describe the latest best project you have done until now? How do you came up with the solution for the design problem?

1 Answers

Explained them UX case study I did so far along with my sample portfolio and live sites Less


Las preguntas fueron en base a la actividad que se realizo, algunas fueron como el ¿ por que elegí esas 3 pantallas? que le cambiaria, ¿ por que esos elementos? etc.

1 Answers

Respondí que eran las pantallas que yo imaginaba mas importantes de acuerdo al proceso de compras de un usuario Less

Bharti Airtel

Could you please brief me about your Desing Process?

1 Answers

I just explained about my design process which was pretty much simple.

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