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Topdeck Travel
Trip Leader was asked...September 28, 2015

If you were a fruit what would you be and why?

18 Answers

Grape because I'm great wet and dry

Jackfruit. Safe in hard body and sweetest of all

Pomegranate: not an everyday fruit, a bit tricky but well worth the trouble resulting in delicious juicy explosions. Less

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Hayward USD

Please give me an example of when you've been in a stressful situation. How did you resolve it?

7 Answers

last year I was really upset one day when one of my students had an accident on themselves and I was late getting them out of class. The next day I personally checked the bathrooms before letting the students use them. I found out they were dirty so I let them use another one. I also limited cleanup to just picking garbage off desk and floor Less

One of my students is having a difficult time learning addition and subtraction so I decided to come up with a step game so she can see it. The step game wasn't going the way I planned it so I practiced it in 3 different ways with the student until I found a technique for doing it that worked. In another instance I was doing small group tutoring at LLS and one of the 1st graders didn't want to do her math so I started to get upset. Heading the site director's advice I decided to make it appealing to a first grader so I let her use colorful cotton balls to add and subtract which she liked. Less

Last year I was having the students clean up after class and one girl was taking it too far by wanting to wash the desk with soap and water. I didn't want the students to still be in the class at 6 pm so I told other students to help her dry off the desk which finished the clean up and the students were able to get out of class at 5 minutes to 6 pm. Less

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Joskos Solutions

where do you see yourself in 5 years

7 Answers

I was the other candidate that they messed around for weeks like you.

I was told I was 2nd. Did you get the role ?

I was told you had more experience than me that they never asked for. Did you get the role ? Less

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Swap two digits from an integer, the result should be the maximum. For example 1682 -> 8126

5 Answers

It should be 8621!

Yep you're right. Time to apply!

Choose two integers to SWAP, It is not place two numbers and and then move all the others so 1682 would first swap 8 and 1 => 8612 and then IF swapping is mandatory, you have to swap 6 and 1 to be able to get the maximum of all possibilities. Less

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The Maids
Team Leader was asked...January 30, 2017

Do you have a driver's license ?

5 Answers




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Max Healthcare

Where would you like to see in 5 years

4 Answers

Hello Gd morning Sir/Mem, M apne kaam or mehnat kr k ek achhi post pr dekhna chahta hu Less

Hello Gd morning Max Healthcare, Main apne aapko aane vale 5 salo m ek achhi post pr dekhna chahta Less

I want to pursue my work towards my knowledg And in the next one or two years I want to be in good post Less

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Kate Spade New York

How would you work with the Store Leader to achieve goals and objectives?

4 Answers

Do what they expect you to do. You do your job well and get it done accordingly.

I Was Not Interviewed But Just Wanted To Add My Answer

Well I think exchanging goal ideas would be a great idea, I think showing them that I am independent, capable of marketing, PR, and carrying out many different objective 's for their store, would help. I have worked for many years doing this, TV/Media, Celebrity Accounts, Models, Designers, and worked w/ Tech Companies on various personal projects so I feel I could do very well at this. Less

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Heathrow Airport

See above for type of question?

4 Answers

Think it was 5

Is it an automated machine asking questions which you then respond to?

Can you please give examples of other questions?

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What is DNS? What do you know about Rotimatic? What is IOT?

3 Answers

Dns is a domain name system it's a hierarchical naming system for computer service. Less

Romantic is a automated kitchen appliances. It was invented by indian origin

Explained about Domain Name Service and what it does.

Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

What do your current managers say about you?

3 Answers

I stated the fact that I had excellent performance reviews and thought that feedback should be very positive. Less

You may have good performance reviews, but your managers may still say bad things about you if they don't like you or have a hidden agenda. Less

A lot of managers like me have very limited experience and extremely narrow technical expertise. Someone with more education, broader based experience, and research based talent would be able to take my job in a new york minute if I hired them as a subordinate. What I need is a flunky that is narrowly focused on RF networking, which no one really cares about anymore and is slowly being obsoleted. Less

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