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RSM Chio Lim
Audit Team Leader was asked...November 3, 2017

Elaborate more on the resume and some technical questions on impairment and recent changes in accounting standards.

1 Answers

Not really difficult


Just the normal interview questions. Nothing hard.


tell about urself, internal control, internal audit,audit process,internal financial controls,itgc control,system audit details, first round is technical round and then partner round where they ask same questions like tell urself and internal controls,what if internal controls lost what auditor does

Wells Fargo

How I deal with controversial or sensitive issues.

Wells Fargo

Review all of your past experience and be able to talk in detail about what risks apply to what line of business.

Eastwest Banking

Previous Work Experience

Wells Fargo

How my current manager would feel if I announced my resignation.

Wells Fargo

Go over my resume in detail. Starting with education and working up to my current employer.


How would you handle a difficult situation where something was uncovered that presented a currently unacceptable risk

Wells Fargo

Some behaviorial questions like what I would do in this situation or that situation.

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