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Marketing Communications Leader was asked...November 10, 2021

Why have you changed roles several times over your career?

1 Answers

It seemed a question that was impossible to get right .... if you say career progression it makes you seem mercenary, if you talk about new challenges it seems like you easily get bored ... I felt I couldn't win on this one .... Less

Virginia Commonwealth University

Describe a past experience where you dealt with difficult communications for a senior leader.


Following on from the job simulation, why do you still want to pursue this role?


It was very conversational so lots of questions just about my specific experience.


Why do you want to work at IKEA? (This was asked at least twice in each of my 4 interviews.)


They wanted to make sure I had experience working with global teams, and being managed remotely by a supervisor who worked in a different city

City of Calgary

Please give us an example of an issue where multiple stakeholders had differing views of opinion and were publicly lobbying for their position. What did you do?

The greatest achievement you believe you have achieved in your life?


Question about customer experience and providing solutions.


What makes a good leader?

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