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Cosmetica Laboratories
Production Line, Quality Line Leader was asked...August 25, 2020

About yourself

1 Answers

Please make it to minimal

Boehringer Ingelheim

What kind of leadership style did I have

1 Answers

I lead by example and I have high expectations


Did I know what the latest ad campaign was and who was the CEO.

1 Answers

I told them the answers.


how do you handle difficult situation at work? for example a member is having issues with another member

1 Answers

first ask them what the problem is once I figure out the problem I would take to the office and try to have them compromise in work with the problem so they can work together Less


What makes you a good fit for this job.

1 Answers

I enjoy helping agents resolve customers concerns.


For the most part the questions were very common, however the one that caught me off-guard was how many hours is too much to work in a week?

1 Answers

For this I might try to avoid giving a number or have it high up there because work shifts there can be 48 hours and you don't make overtime. Less

FCA Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Q: As the Intern I was given access to employees payroll, why FCA do this?

1 Answers

I refused to change anything that had to do with the employees hours for the day. I did not feel as an intern (actually no intern) should change the hours of the employee for the day. I would tell the senior supervisor what went on with an employees hours for any given day and let the senior supervisor correct/change the employees hours for the day. Less

FCA Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

A time I had to lead a team in through a challenging event.

1 Answers

I mentioned an event myself and a small team had the lead on.


Calculate the number of Decathlon golf balls that were sold in China last year?

1 Answers

Based on population, kinds of the favorite sport of China, 80/20 rule... around 30 million ones Less

General Motors (GM)

Tell me about a time you said something different to one person than to another, and this came back to haunt you

1 Answers

Well back when I worked for my previous employer Clarks Engineering, We created a new job opportunity that was going to be hired within the company. Upper management had a good idea of who they were going to choose for the position so I took it upon myself to coach and give advice to the canidate about the position assuming he was going to be chose, well once the position was implemented they chose to hire outside the company to a canidate with a stronger background. This caused a bit of tension between me and the previous canidate. Less

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