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When did you have to tell a superior they were wrong?

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I had a senior pilot try to force me to shut down a good engine. With the other engine already failing. I did not perceive crashing in Pakistan to be a good thing to do on Tuesday, so I took command of the aircraft and told him to sit back and not touch anything.

Questions range from HR/Management types to technical. Did not get down to the code level, but definitely discussed technologies and software development methodologies. A few questions about project management with the PM person.

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What was my most successful project and why did I consider it successful?

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why is innovation important? Not difficult questions.

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What task did I least enjoy?

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Most questions were behavioral and "Amazon" style: Tell me about a time when...

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They asked about my background and different situations that I have encountered in the work place and how I handled them. The testing portion was pretty much a general knowledge test, IQ test, personality test, and a creativity test.

Actually there weren't really any tough questions. It was much more an information exchange rather than a phone screen.

What are some conflicts you've dealt with? How do you deal with difficult people? Explain your major and what drove you into liking ceramics?

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