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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Interview Questions


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have you ever managed a payroll?

1 Answer

I have managed budgets but not dollars and cents- question caught me off guard, I was thinking of payroll manager duties that seemed out of context to the job. I think the intention was overall program budget but it was phrased with payroll that made me go down a level in my thought process

how should company integrate lean into six sigma

1 Answer

- design of experiment detailed question

1 Answer

What do you think is most important when working on projects?

behavioural questions: "tell me about a time you were in a stress full situation, how did you handle it"

1 Answer

What would you do if you inherited a project that was late to get it back on track?

How do you work well within a team environment?

1 Answer

What LSS Skills do you bring to the company?

1 Answer

"How comfortable are you with clinical language?"

1 Answer

Tell me about times that you have led a team and faced resistance Explain this project experience that you show on your resume What is your reason for leaving your previous company? What's most important to you in approaching a project?

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