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Behavioral were standard questions like strongest accomplishment, most creative, etc. The tech were related to Java. Seemed like they wanted to know the basics of Java such as garbage collection, keywords like static final etc, inheritance, object orientation, etc. Basically, stuff you should have learned from your first Java course.

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A lot of these questions you can get the answer from StackOverflow.

A time where you tried and failed? What would you do different?

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Tell me about a time when you worked in the group and the outcome was unexpected.

What are the four fundamental principals of object oriented programming? In SQL, how would you select all records in a table? Tell me about a time you had to find an alternate solution to a problem.

How do you brainstorm, as an individual and as a part of a team?

Our LEAP program represents a large investment in you. How will you provide a sufficient return on our investment?

What is an INNER JOIN or OUTER JOIN in SQL? How do you insert into a table in SQL? Reverse a String in any programming language. Code a multiplication table. What is a user story? What is a scrum meeting?

first interviewer asked me to construct a method using data structures, and the second interviewer had me do a string manipulation question (determine if a string was an anagram) and discuss the Big O notation of various approaches.

1)Describe a time were you had to be creative. 2)Why do you want to work at Fidelity? 3)Describe a time when something did not go according to plan, what happened and how did you handle it? 4) What is something that is hard for you? 5) How do you work in a team environment, describe a specific time. 6) What if there was a co-worker that is difficult to work with, how would you approach that situation? 7) Describe a typical use case diagram involving a school. 8) How would you define an ERD? 9) What is a strength and weakness for you? 10) Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

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Explain the differences between Object Oriented Programming and other programming?

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